Menu (Chef's Recommendations)

Legends Seafood Chinese Restaurant 
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salt and pepper quail
Mixed entree


Salt & Pepper Quail


Prawn Cutlet (3)


Sesame Prawn Toast (4)


Spring Rolls (3)


Dim Sim (Steamed or Deep Fried) (4)


Sang Choy Bow (2)



Lobster with Garlic & Butter Sauce

Seasonal Price

Chilli Lobster

Seasonal Price

Crab with Ginger & Shallots

Seasonal Price

Steamed Live Coral Trout

Seasonal Price

Squid with Salt & Pepper


King Prawns with Garlic Sauce


Braised King Prawns with XO Sauce


Scallops with Vegetables


Lobster with garlic and butter sauce
steamed coral trout
scallops with broccoli
Chicken with black bean sauce
Chinese style bbq roast duck


Sweet & Sour Pork


Chicken with Satay Sauce


Beef with Black Bean Sauce


Fillet Steak in Black Pepper Sauce


Mongolian Lamb in Hot Pot


B.B.Q. Duck (Crispy Skin)


Deep Fried Crispy Skin Chicken



Stir Fried Pak Choy with Garlic Sauce


Fresh Vegetables with Oyster Sauce


Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables


Braised Bean Curd with Chinese Vegetable


stir fried green vegetable with oyster sauce
Shrimps fried rice , Chinese food
Seafood noodles

Rice / Noodles

Special Fried Rice


Combination Seafood Fried Rice


Singapore Noodles


Braised Beef Rice Noodles


Combination Noodles


Seafood Noodles